Blue Space Ishigaki offers snorkeling tour, snorkel & island tour, Blue Cave tour and PADI freediving courses in english, german, spanish or japanese. Explore what lies beneath the sea and enjoy the countryside, the perfect mix between Land & Sea.  Half-day, Full-day, Sunset, anytime! 

Let's go to the beautiful hidden snorkeling spot here in Ishigaki! You will be amazed by colorful fish, coral, often turtles, small creatures like nudy brunch and more! 

snorkeling tour ishigaki

Ishigaki is a wonderful island. Why not enjoying both! Underwater world and nature in one day!

snorkel & island tour ishigaki

Freediving is the purest form of diving. We are spending time underwater while holding the breath to discover beatiful landscape, the fish and ourselves.

freediving in ishigaki


With experience on 3 continents and endless passion for the ocean, we offer unforgettable moments here in Ishigaki with an emphasis on client satisfaction. 

Are you looking for a nice hidden Hotel?

Located just a few steps from the sea, Ishigaki Sunset Cove Hotel is a hidden gem on north Ishigaki Island. Sunsets viewed soaking in the pool or enjoying a cocktail at the poolside bar overlooking the Pacific Ocean make for a relaxing end to a day's adventure.

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